At Happy Days Pre-school Nursery we offer a wide,
all round curriculum based on the Early Learning
Goals, which include the six learning areas of
Nursery Education. Children learn through
structured and free play. We plan and provide
stimulating activities appropriate for the ages and
stages of the children, in a warm and safe
environment. We also see parents/carers as prime
educators of their own children and we use their
knowledge of their child to further their child's
development through our curriculum.

Throughout the year we enjoy many projects, with a fresh topic each half term. We take a theme e.g. Weather, Seasons, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, People at Work etc. each day we do an activity linked to the theme and extend the children's learning through books, discussion and hands-on activities.

The children will be able to play with playdough, sand, water, paints, colouring/writing/numeracy table, puzzles, games, books,computer,home corner, construction toys, balls, skittles, hoops, bean bags, and climbing frame. We also have various craft and cookery activities where the children can learn to use scissors, glue, sew, make cakes etc.

We do encourage counting and writing activities e.g. pencil control activities and help to give them the confidence they need to learn to recognise and write their name before they leave us to go on to school.

At the end of the session we have circle time, where we play games to help children learn their colours, shapes, counting or concepts such as preposition, e.g. under, over etc. We then sing songs and nursery rhymes.

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